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We are a rapidly developing company operating in logistics and heavy-goods truck industry.

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The core of our business activity are experienced professionals who have been specializing in oversized load forwarding for years.

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We provide services for both less and more complex logistics projects and always look for best solutions.

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We approach every Client individually. Professionalism and experience let us build reliable relations with Contractors.

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Highest quality of the services we provide is our everyday standard.

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We are specialist who provide services mainly in the field of specialist transportation of goods. We cover entire Europe. Our company has been present on the market for several years but we have been gaining experience and expertise for over ten years. We undertake completion of both simple and really complex projects. We provide services of highest quality, and a group of our satisfied Clients knows that. We are at your disposal whenever you need us, that is 24/7. Our chief asset is direct supervisions and presence of our managing staff where heavy-load transportation and logistics operations are taking place. We are always ready to accept more and more demanding challenges and that helps us move forward and develop. Our strategy consists in relying on young people, who keep on expanding their skills, who are creative in looking for best solutions for all those who have put their trust in us.

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It is you who decide what we are to forward while we assist you in choosing best routes, best means of transport and best solutions. We have all necessary certifications, licenses and insurances.

Our experience let us make the right choice and connect all the links in the supply chain most effectively. This helps us secure and coordinate delivery times, the most complex tasks in heavy load forwarding industry, maximally.

We forward different types of goods including: all types of steel structures, wooden and concrete prefabs, machines, industrial equipment or wind farm components. We provide you with comprehensive services for oversized load transportation throughout Europe.

Services we provide and organize include:

  • Selection and optimization of appropriate means of transport,
  • Organization of the entire transportation process,
  • Obtaining all necessary permits,
  • Pilot cars and civil escort,
  • Checking route passability,
  • Police escorts,
  • All required arrangements with appropriate national and private bodies,
  • Preparing route passability,
  • Disassembling and assembling elements of road infrastructure,
  • Lifting all kinds of overhead power supply systems and cables,
  • Other necessary to complete new projects.

Modernization of
Road and Technical Infrastructure

Our team takes care of all arrangements and comprehensive modernization of infrastructure for oversized cargo forwarding. In case of extreme load or transportation parameters, road infrastructure requires technical and construction interference. We provide all design and construction works required by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and their subordinate regions and act as General Contractors throughout the entire territory of Poland.

Our services include among others:

  • Designing and building technological routes,
  • Amending and modifying crossroads,
  • Reinforcing roads to be used,
  • Restoring initial conditions of road infrastructure upon project completion,
  • Disassembling traffic signs: traffic lights, road signs,
  • Disassembling temporary signs,
  • Lifting tram and train traction,
  • Lifting overhead power supply systems, telephone lines,
  • Verifying carrying capacity of roads,
  • Expertise of bridges, viaducts.

General cargo

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we also provide services in general cargo forwarding. The dependency clearly shows that oversized load forwarding services are not always needed and where they are not needed you can find general cargo to transport.

Therefore we have a dynamic department responsible for ongoing provision of general cargo forwarding services.


The heavy load services we have been providing for years help us offer you comprehensive crane services. We have had a chance to use most of the cranes available on the market, and it is necessary we will undertake even more complex challenges. Our offer includes mobile, tower and crawler cranes.

Depending on your needs, we offer comprehensive solutions.

We base our operations on
professional fleet

We use technologically advanced fleet.

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